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Heets Green Zinc-Dubai,UAE | UAE Smart Vape

Heets Green Zinc

Heets Green Zinc is a newly launched product in the market by Philip Morris International. It is a smokeless tobacco device with a sleek and stylish design. The device has been designed to heat the Heetsticks, which are made of 100% natural shredded tobacco leaves. There is no combustion involved, so it doesn’t produce any ash or waste products. 

The heets green are available in different flavours like Original, Menthol, Mint and Amber. The device comes with an intelligent heating system which ensures that each puff is consistent and flavourful. The battery life of the device is also commendable as it can last for around 1000 puffs on a full charge.

Overall, Green Heets Zinc seems to be a promising new product in the market and we can expect more innovation from

Heets Green Zinc new type of tobacco heating product in Dubai, UAE

Heets Green Zinc has revolutionized the tobacco heating market in UAE! .This new product offers a unique blend of heated and non-heated nicotine, providing customers with a more enjoyable .It’s also offer managing the consumption of their desired nicotine intake. Heets Green  also comes in four different flavors that offer unique aromas and tastes:

  • Minty long cut
  • Oriental strong cut
  • Smooth blue cut and
  • Rich red cut. 

In addition to its appeal for consumers, Heets green  is also beneficial for people living or visiting the UAE .Because this product is designed delicately to minimize second-hand smoke emissions through its smoke regulating system. 

Green heets  is an excellent example of innovation that can truly make a difference by delivering an enhanced smoking experience while minimizing public health concerns usually associated with traditional tobacco products. 

With green label heets  now available in the UAE, this product will certainly redefine how people enjoy nicotine on their own terms.

What are the benefits of using Heets Green Zinc?

Heets Green offer several benefits to users, including improved satisfaction and taste experience compared to other flavors in the Heet range. The zinc ricinoleate ingredient is also said to reduce the amount of tar that reaches the user’s lungs, making Green heets a healthier choice compared to other tobacco products. Additionally, the green tea extract in Heets Green Zinc provides users with a refreshing and unique flavor experience.

Why Choose Heets Green  Flavour

Green heets contains no nicotine

Heets Green Zinc contains no nicotine or tar, and produces 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes

Green label heets is an innovative alternative to traditional cigarettes, allowing you to enjoy the same sensory experience without compromising your health. Unlike conventional cigarettes, heets new flavors contains no nicotine or tar, and produces 95% fewer harmful chemicals while still providing an authentic taste and smooth draw. Not only does this make it a safer option for smokers who are trying to quit, it also makes it much more pleasant to be around them. 

Heets Green also has a range of heets new flavors that give users more variety, such as yellow tobacco, red vanilla and dark mint. This means there is something for everyone from beginners to seasoned pro’s alike. Overall, green label heetsis an ideal way to enjoy the pleasure of smoking without the risks associated with traditional cigarettes. – 

Heets Green is a healthier alternative to smoking

Green heets  is an innovative product that can revolutionize the way people view their smoking habits. It’s a healthier and cost-effective alternative to traditional tobacco products, with a much lower risk of long-term health complications. With the variety of heets new flavors available, you’ll be able to enjoy all the pleasures of smoking without having to worry about any of the negative effects. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about shelling out too much money for your tobacco products with heets green zinc; they are sold at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional smoking products. In addition, heets don’t produce ash or smoke like standard cigarettes do; this means there’s less residue in your home and a significantly improved indoor air quality compared to regular cigarettes. 

With heets green zinc, you can feel confident that you’re making sound decisions . When it comes to your health, saving money on your products, and maintaining a cleaner environment in your home. All this makes heets green one of the most appealing alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking available today.

Is Heets Green Zinc safe to use?

Yes, Heets Green Zinc are safe to use and contain only ingredients that meet the highest quality standards. All ingredients used in the production of Heets Green Zinc, including zinc ricinoleate and green tea extract, have been extensively tested and certified as safe for public consumption. Additionally, all IQOS tobacco sticks are made with natural products free of any additives or preservatives.

Green heets  at select online shop in the UAE, UAE SMART VAPE

Green label heets is Heets Tobacco’s newest flavor, and it has quickly become one of their most popular options. Its unique notes of peppermint and eucalyptus make it a delicious departure from traditional Heets Tobacco flavors. Heets Green Zinc is available in select online shops in the UAE such as UAE SMART VAPE. 

This online store provides customers with an easy shopping experience, offering secure payment channels and fast shipping times to anywhere in the UAE. It also offers exclusive discounts on green heets from time to time – a great incentive for anyone looking to try out this new Heets tobacco flavor. 

So for anyone in the UAE who has been wanting to give heets new flavors a try, be sure to check out UAE SMART VAPE for high-quality Heets Cigarettes at unbeatable prices!

Heets new flavors -heets Green Zinc, Representative at UAE SMART VAPE

Green heets offers one of the best vaping experiences available. It provides a smooth, long-lasting flavor that any vaper is sure to enjoy. Plus, with its unique zinc alloy material, users can rest assured that their vaporizers will last for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about heets new flavors and what it has to offer, be sure to check out the website or contact us. 

The knowledgeable representatives here can not only answer any questions you may have. But they can also help to recommend the perfect product for your particular needs. With their help, you’ll be able to purchase just the right things for your desired vaping experience! 

So if you’re looking for information on Heets Green Zinc, don’t hesitate to give a call or visit the website today. You won’t regret taking advantage of the expertise they have to offer!


Heets Green Zinc is a new type of tobacco heating product that is available in the UAE. Green label heets contains no nicotine or tar, and produces 95% less harmful chemicals than cigarettes.  Green heets is a healthier alternative to smoking, and can help you save money on your tobacco products. You can find Heets Green at select retailers in the UAE, including Dubai Duty Free. For more information on heets new flavors, visit the website or speak to a representative at Dubai Duty Free.


Q.What are Heets Green Zinc?

Ans. Heets Green Zinc are IQOS tobacco sticks, whose flavor comes from a blend of natural green tea extract . Another IQOS tobacco sticks flavor come from the  the active ingredient zinc ricinoleate. The flavor is subtle yet refreshing and provides a unique experience compared to other flavors in the Heets range.

Q.How are Heets Green Zinc different from other Heets?

Ans.Heets Green Zinc are the only Heets tobacco sticks to include zinc ricinoleate, offering a unique flavor experience. The subtle taste of green tea extract combined with the active ingredient zinc ricinoleate . Zinc ricinoleate gives Heet Green Zinc a distinct character . It’s makes them stand out from other flavors in the range. They are also designed to provide a more intense flavor that lingers after each puff.

Q.Where can I buy Green Zinc?

Ans. Heets Green Zinc is available in many IQOS stores across the world and can be purchased online through various retailers. If you live in a country where IQOS is not yet available, you may have access to third-party vendors . Be sure to do your research and make sure you purchase only genuine heets new flavors  from a reputable source.

Q.How much are Heets Green Zinc?

Ans.The price of Heets Green Zinc will vary depending on where they are purchased . Also varying on how many packs are being bought at once. Generally, each pack contains twenty tobacco sticks and will cost around 80 TO 100 AED . However, prices can range depending on location and retailer.

Q.How should Heets Green  be stored?

Heets Green Zinc should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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